Concrete Degradation

What Is Degradation In Concrete?

Concrete degradation is the damage to concrete in any way, and can cause serious issues should it be missed or ignored. Unfortunately, you may not be able to see concrete degradation on the surface, so this can be hard to distinguish and finding it’s cause can be even more difficult.

The longer concrete issues are left or undiagnosed, the more repair or replacement work needs to be done, which can become extremely costly. By being vigilant and aware of what your concrete is being exposed to, you can have the repairs made efficiently without the need for expensive replacement.

Some of the causes of degradation include

  • Carbonation
  • Expansions of aggregate
  • Exposure to seawater
  • Calcium leaching
  • Physical damage
  • Bacterial corrosion.

Concrete degradation is something that can’t really be avoided over time, but it can be monitored and repaired. By taking good care of your concrete and repairing it when it is needed, you can to prevent degradation from going too far, ensuring you have long lasting concrete no matter what.

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